Julie Mallozzi is a documentary filmmaker based in Boston, Massachusetts, who combines observational camerawork and in-depth interviews to tell strong, character-driven stories. Her films explore the interactions between cultures thrown together by history, and between politics and personal experience.

Mallozzi grew up with a Chinese-American mother and an Italian-American father in rural Ohio. Her debut film, Once Removed, tells the story of meeting her mother’s family in China and learning about their involvement in China’s complicated political history. It premiered at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, won awards at several festivals, and aired on public television. Monkey Dance is Mallozzi’s second feature film. She also freelances as a producer, cameraperson, and editor on documentaries and videos for community organizations. Mallozzi studied filmmaking at Harvard University, where she currently teaches. Email Julie

Shondra Burke’s credits include main editor for Errol Morris’s award-winning feature documentary, Fast, Cheap, & Out of Control and four episodes in his First Person documentary series (BRAVO). She recently completed a feature documentary directed by commercial visionary Pete Favat; Adrift (PBS), a personal documentary directed by Tom Curran; and The Flute Player (PBS), a film by Jocelyn Glatzer about a musician’s return to his native Cambodia. She has edited and produced numerous spots for clients such as the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Ford, and Sony.

Rebecca Sherman is a freelance writer and editor who studied History and Literature at Harvard University. She co-wrote Mallozzi’s first film, Once Removed, and has written for several non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Sherman’s most recent publications include contributions to the reference books, “Human Rights: The Essential Reference” (Oryx Books) and “Atlas of the Baby Boom Generation: A Cultural History of Postwar America” (Macmillan).

Dutch saxophonist and composer Jorrit Dijkstra was an active member of Amsterdam’s vivid jazz and improvisation scene before moving to Boston in early 2002. Dijkstra is a recipient of the prestigious Podium Prize from the Dutch Jazz Foundation (1995), the Fulbright grant (1998), and numerous composition commissions. He has scored several documentary and educational films as well as soundtracks for theater productions in Vancouver and Boston.

Monkey Dance is produced in association with the Independent Television Service, the Center for Asian American Media, and WGBH-TV with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additional support was provided by: Sundance Institute Documentary Fund, Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, and LEF Moving Image Fund.

Fiscal agent: Center for Independent Documentary