Monkey Dance premiered on national public television in May 2006 via American Public Television, as part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  Click here for a listing of participating stations.

For 44 years, American Public Television (APT) has been a prime source of programming for the nation’s public television stations. APT distributes more than 10,000 hours of programming including JFK: Breaking the News, Simply Ming, Globe Trekker, Rick Steves’ Europe, Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home, Battlefield Britain, Jungle, America’s Test Kitchen, Lidia’s Family Table and classic movies. APT is known for identifying innovative programs and developing creative distribution techniques for producers. In four decades, it has established a tradition of providing public television stations nationwide with program choices that enable them to strengthen and customize their schedules.

Monkey Dance is produced by Julie Mallozzi in association with the Independent Television Service, the Center for Asian American Media, and WGBH Boston with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additional support was provided by the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund, Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities (a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities), and LEF Moving Image Fund.

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AETN Conway AR

IPTV Johnston IA


KBDI Denver CO: Saturday, May 27, 10 pm

KCAH Monterey-Salinas CA: Friday, May 28, 5 pm

KCET Los Angeles CA: Tuesday, May 9, 10 pm (Ch.28)

KCSM San Mateo CA

KENT Lexington KY: Sunday, May 14, 3 am (KET1), Sunday, June 3, 3 am (KET1)

KERA Dallas TX: Tuesday, May 30, 10 pm

KIXE Redding CA

KPTS Wichita KS

KQED San Francisco CA

KRSC Claremore OK

KSPS Spokane WA

KTCA St. Paul MN: Monday, May 1, 12 am (TPT2)

KTEH San Jose CA: Sunday, May 28, 5pm

KUED Salt Lake City UT

KUHT Houston TX: Tuesday, May 23, 10 pm (Ch.8), Thursday, May 25, 4 am (Ch. 8)

KVCR San Bernardino CA

KVPT Fresno CA

KWSU Pullman WA

NEWJ Trenton NJ: Saturday, May 20, 1am (Ch.50 and DT1)

WBGU Bowling Green OH

WCET Cincinnati OH: Friday, May 12, 10pm

WCTE Cookeville TN

WEIU Charleston IL


WGBH Boston MA: Sunday, May 14, 9 pm (Ch.44)

WGBY Springfield MA: Thursday, May 11, 9 am, 3 pm (WGBY World)

WGTE Toledo OH: Sunday, May 16, 10 pm

WGVU Grand Rapids MI: Monday, May 8, 2am

WHUT Washington DC: Wednesday, May 17, 9pm

WILL Urbana IL

WLIW Plainview NY: Tuesday, May 16, 12am

WLJT Martin TN

WNED-Buffalo NY: Thursday, May 25, 10 pm, Tuesday, May 29, 4 am (WNED-TV)

WNET New York NY: Sunday, May 14, 12 pm

WNJB New York NY: Saturday, May 20, 1am

WNJM New York NY: Saturday, May 20, 1am

WNJN New York NY: Saturday, May 20, 1am

WNPT Nashville TN: Wednesday, May 3, 11 pm (Ch.8)

WOUB Athens OH

WPBA Atlanta GA

WPBS Watertown NY

WPSU University Park PA

WPTO Dayton OH

WSBE Providence RI

WTIU Bloomington IN

WTVP Peoria IL

WTVS Detroit MI


WXXI Rochester NY

WYBE Philadelphia PA: Wednesday, May 3, 9pm; Thursday May 4, 3am & 10am, Friday, May 5, 4am

WNJS Philadelphia PA: Saturday, May 20, 1am

WNJT Philadelphia PA: Saturday, May 20, 1am

WYCC Chicago IL