“Mallozzi demonstrates remarkable commitment to her subjects, making for an insightful end result.”

Cheryl Eddy, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Mallozzi’s film is a truly masterful work portraying the lives of youth and families who are trying to begin new lives in a strange land while making peace with the ghosts of their past.”

David Wilcox Ed.D. Harvard Medical School Clinical Director of
Adolescent Consultation Services, Middlesex Juvenile Court Clinics
“Julie Mallozzi’s fantastic documentary looks at the lives of three Cambodian teenagers who live in the city…. [her] approach flows with compassion.”

Warren Curry, Entertainment Insiders

“The Cambodian monkey dance celebrates a pan-Asian folk hero, part trickster, adventurer and warrior, whose mind is as agile as his body. The subjects of this documentary are equally agile in negotiating between the lures of American youth culture and the expectations of their parents who survived the Khmer Rouge atrocities of the 1970s…. Filmmaker Julie Mallozzi creates a moving portrait of these teenagers as they navigate the landscape of urban adolescence.”

Mary Carbine, Bridges: Asian American
Studies Newsletter, U. of Wisconsin

“Julie Mallozzi has made two vivid, touching documentaries about the immigrant experience…. [Monkey Dance]’s treatment of the refugee experience is enlightening.”

Ken Gewertz, Harvard University Gazette

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